The mobile workbench is made from 50x50x5mm mild steel angle iron and are a very robust workbench that can be turned into a static workbench, this is achieved by a handle on the side of the bench that once pushed drops the workbench onto its four legs making the bench completely static. To push it back lifts the legs up and back onto the castors making the bench completely mobile again enabling you to push it to where you need to go.This particular mobile bench is proving to be very popular amongst the mechanics that have to move from station to station and also the engineer on the move.

There are only 2 lengths available and they are 1.2mtr and 1.5mtr and you can get them in either 600mm or 750mm depths. The height is standard at 840mm.

Like the Heavy duty workbench they come in either a 44mm hard wood top or a 2mm thick galvanised steel top. Like all our benches you can of course add a cupboard on or even a five drawer unit or even both.

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