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5 Things To Consider When Choosing Workbenches In Bristol

  29/09/2020     Lee Burnham

Whether you need a workbench for home DIY or business, the right workbench can make life easier and boost your productivity.

Bristol is home to lots of people in the trade, as well as manufacturers and engineering firms that rely on workbenches every day. If you are in the same boat and are on the lookout for a workbench, here’s how to choose one:

Surface material

You can get a workbench with a wood, metal or laminated top. Wood tops are typically manufactured from MDF which is a sustainable engineered wood. Metal tops are stainless steel and laminated tops have a wooden core.

If you intend to work with electrics, wood or laminated ESD-safe surfaces are best. For heavy mechanical work, we recommend a metal top.


You can get workbenches rated for light, medium, heavy or super heavy duty. Light workbenches are normally DIY benches for non-specialised work. For commercial use, you want to go for a medium-duty workbench at a minimum.

Workbenches can offer load ratings in excess of 1,000kg. If you are a mechanic and will be lifting engines onto your workbench, you’ll want to go for a super-heavy duty unit.

Height adjustability

Not everyone needs a height-adjustable workbench, but if you have a bad back or like to alternate between sitting and standing, height adjustability will make life easier. You can get height-adjustable workbenches in medium to super heavy duty.

The most expensive benches have an electric motor and a switch to adjust the height. Other types include Allen key adjustment and manual hand-crank adjustment.

Shelves and storage

When you buy a workbench from us you have the option to add accessories to create the ultimate workspace. For example, you can add upper and lower shelves, drawers, vices and cupboards to create a self-contained workspace.

You can add these things as time goes by, but most people in Bristol will benefit from at least drawers and shelving to start off.


Since workbenches have metal legs, they can be supplied in most colours. There are standard colours like black, blue, red and white, or you can choose yellow, green, grey or an off-white. Our colours are based off the RAL colour chart.

If you operate a business in Bristol, you may want to get the legs in your brand colours. This will look great and remind you of your brand every time you work.

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