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A Buyer's Guide To Choosing The Best Laboratory Workbench

  29/09/2020     Lee Burnham

Lab benches or laboratory workbenches are worktables where tests and procedures are performed. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to choosing a lab workbench, but some workbenches are definitely better than others.

In this buyer’s guide, we will reveal how to choose the best laboratory workbench with a few recommendations.


The best material for a laboratory workbench is stainless steel. Stainless steel can be sterilised easily, and it is extremely hygienic. It is non-porous and non-reactive with common chemicals, making it perfect for lab work.

The only downsides to stainless steel (and these do not necessarily apply to labs) are fingerprints show up and it scratches quite easily. These will be mute points for laboratories  though since heavy equipment is rarely moved around.

Height adjustability

Depending on the kind of work you intend to undertake, it may be beneficial to have a height-adjustable workbench. Height adjustability is not necessary for general lab work but if you alternate sitting and standing it could make life easier.

You can get some really good stainless steel height adjustable workbenches. The most expensive benches have an electric motor with a switch. Cheaper options include benches with Allen key adjustment or manual hand crank adjustment.

Workbench size

It’s important to choose a workbench that has enough workspace for your lab work. You should consider the length, depth and width of the workbench, accounting for any machines or equipment like autoclaves and calorimeters you will use.

It’s a good idea to mark the floor with chalk after looking at common workbench dimensions to get an idea of how your workbench will fit.  

Here are the common sizes:

·       1200 x 750 x 840mm

·       1500 x 600 x 840mm 

·       1500 x 750 x 840mm

·       1500 x 900 x 840mm

·       2000 x 600 x 840mm

·       2000 x 750 x 840mm

·       2000 x 900 x 840mm

Workbench accessories

Workbench accessories help you make efficient use of your workspace.

You can add things like drawers, cupboards and upper and lower shelves to bring order to your laboratory. If you have a limited amount of space on the lab floor, accessories will help you pack more equipment into your lab.

The great thing about accessories is they can be added over time to adapt your workspace. Most laboratories will benefit from workbench drawers and shelves.

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