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Adjustable Workbenches

  12/01/2021     Lee Burnham

Your manufacturing unit has all the tools and equipment your employees need to complete their daily tasks effectively whilst staying productive. And yet, your business suffers from sick leaves owing to repetitive strain injury (RSI) or work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD). 

This could be attributed to a commonly overlooked aspect in a manufacturing plant – lack of ergonomic furniture. That’s where adjustable workbenches come into the picture.

Some tasks can be effectively performed from a sitting position. And then there are those tasks that are best-performed standing. Height adjustable workbenches offer your employees the flexibility to either stand or sit during their working hours. 

This decision is based on either their comfort or other factors like weight and size of the object being handled. 

Having an adjustable workbench means you don’t have to invest in two separate benches for jobs that require sitting and those that require standing. Height-adjustable workbenches offer the flexibility to handle both tasks and everything in between. 

Benefits of Adjustable Workbenches

A lot of workplaces now recognise the importance of offering ergonomic furniture. Employees report significant benefits of using workbenches which result in a more comfortable and flexible work method compared to sitting in the same position all through the day. 

Here are some of the important benefits of height-adjustable workbenches: 

• Creates a comfortable vertical work area

• Employees benefit from improved ergonomics 

• Employees can focus and concentrate more effectively

• Employees stay engaged in work actively

• Helps prevent excessive reaching and bending, which can cause injuries in the long run, including stiffness, back pain, tiredness and tenderness of the spine.

• Employees suffer from fewer aches and pains as a result of being more active

• Helps improve productivity

• Increase in the quality and consistency of your product

• Can be easily lowered or raised to suit the needs of the employee using the bench.

Bespoke Adjustable Workbenches

Adjustable workbenches are ideally suited for applications that require varying heights, be it testing and assembly, packing, educational use or fulfillment.

Make the most of industrial workbenches by investing in bespoke workbenches. Here at UK Workbenches, we manufacture a range of adjustable workbenches, which can also be customised to suit your specific requirements and needs. 

Customised adjustable industrial workbenches offer the perfect solution suited to your processes. Their heavy duty ergonomic design means that your workstation is not only productive but durable and robust too. 

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