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  24/03/2021     Lee Burnham

What Does ESD Protection Mean and Why It’s Important for Your Workshop?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a part and parcel of businesses that use electronic technology. It is ubiquitous in a range of settings and products that offer ESD protection can help counter the side effects of ESD for your electronics. 

ESD protection is an important element of the electronics industry as ESD is prevalent in almost every stage of electronics production including testing and repairing. Our anti-static (ESD) laminate workbenches can protect your components against the various risks posed by ESD. 

The Risk Posed by Electrostatic Discharge

Although we all can comprehend the effect of receiving a shock, many times ESD may pass us by unnoticed. Most electronic components can be damaged for good by 100-200 volts and even 5-10 volts are enough to damage sophisticated electronics. 

Therefore, it’s easy to unknowingly put your electronic components in danger of damage. 

Static electricity is the most overlooked type of fire ignition hazard. In any workplace that accommodates flammable liquids, gases or solids, a simple ignition is enough to start a fire. For example, a stray spark caused by ESD could cause a fire. 

What is ESD Protection?

Workbenches are a common sight in the electronics industry as they are frequently used when assembling electronics. Using anti-static laminate workbenches can help counter the effects of ESD.  

Here at UK Workbenches Ltd, we supply a range of anti-static (ESD) laminate workbenches that can help protect against the hazards of ESD. No matter your workplace environment, if you deal with electronics or are in an environment that poses a high risk of fire, you certainly need full ESD protection.  

The Need for ESD Protection

A workbench with a conductive surface such as stainless steel worktop shouldn’t be used if you work with electronics. Here’s why: 

• The conductive surface can short out any connections making it unfeasible to operate and test the circuit. 

• The conductive surface offers a low impedance discharge path that can deliver a very rapid discharge, which can result in high currents, possibly damaging the circuitry. 

• In the presence of high voltage, a fully conductive surface becomes a safety hazard. 


Whether you manufacture, assemble, repair or test electronics, an ESD workbench is a necessity in your workspace. If you are looking to buy high-quality anti-static laminate workbenches in the UK at the best prices, look no further. Shop online from UK Workbenches Ltd today!

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