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Are Anti-Static Workbenches Suitable For Electricians?

  29/10/2020     Lee Burnham

If you are an electrician then there’s a strong chance that you tinker with electronic components and equipment. Whether this is at home or in a commercial workshop, you will need a workbench that’s up to the work you throw at it.

Anti-static workbenches are sometimes overlooked by electricians in favour of timber workbenches since bare wood is a reasonably effective antistatic surface. However, timber is by no means the complete package.

The problem with bare timber in applications of ESD sensitivity is it is not completely impervious to triboelectric charge generation. This is especially true when it is wet, which is a problem with timber since it absorbs moisture.

You could use an anti-static mat, but an anti-static workbench is better still.

Anti-static workbenches are a better option

For electricians and electrical engineers, we really do recommend anti-static workbenches that are manufactured with a laminated top.

Laminated ESD-safe workbenches have a timber core, but they have a laminated top that is purposely designed to be anti-static. It is impossible for these ESD-safe surfaces to allow triboelectric charge generation to take place. You can safely conduct all your electrical work on an anti-static workbench, without issue.

How to choose the right workbench for your work

The most important thing for your workbench to have as an electrician is an anti-static and ESD-safe surface to protect the electronic components you work with.

With that settled, the next most important thing is size. You need a workbench that gives you the space you need to work. If you have ever had to put things on separate workbenches, or god forbid in a box on the floor while you work, then you have experienced the annoyance of a small workbench already.

In general, we recommend sizing up wherever possible. However, if this isn’t possible, then you can add accessories to make the space work.

For example, you could add shelves, drawers, a cabinet, a louvre, a vice, electrical sockets, support bars, lighting rails and anything else that makes life at work simpler. Just having somewhere useful to keep your hand tools while you work is a gamechanger.

We sell a wide range of accessories with our workbenches, which you can add to your anti-static workbench to create the ultimate workstation.

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