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Bespoke Workstations For Industrial Applications

  27/04/2021     Lee Burnham

The right working environment can make a huge difference to the productivity and efficiency of employees in industrial workplaces. Often, when modifying or setting up a process, the environment or people are given the least amount of thought. This results in inefficient systems. 

The right equipment plays a huge part in the productivity and efficiency in industrial environments. UK Workbenches can manufacture bespoke workstations to suit your industrial applications. 

There are several benefits to investing in customised workbenches:

• Customisable storage

• Safe and tidy electrical integration

• Materials that are ideally suited for the application such as anti-static worktops

• Integrate only those features you need doing away with the fluff

• Customise every aspect of the workbench from the dimensions and material to features and finish for a completely bespoke solution that boosts efficiency of your employees. 

Simply placing a basic bench or workstation and expecting your employees to meet targets is a recipe for disaster. This will do nothing else but put undue pressure and stress on your employees. 

While the initial investment on basic tables is far smaller compared to a bespoke workstation designed for your industrial unit, the benefits far outweigh the capital outlay. A well-designed, robust and quality workstation will undoubtedly deliver more benefits compared to a basic bench. 

Bespoke workstations also help provide an ergonomically better work environment for your employees. Imagine what it would do to your unit’s productivity if employees could easily access the equipment and tools to complete their job without wasting any time. Not to mention the benefits of a complete workstation with built-in packaging and weight aids. 

All of these will work to make their job easier and quicker, ultimately boosting productivity and efficiency whilst at the same time boosting their morale. 

Using customised industrial workstations can also help improve the posture of the staff. Highly volume packing or processing roles are typically done standing whereas delicate functions like component repair or assembly are best carried out while seated. 

A customised workstation for industrial applications will be designed for each employee’s height and preference of being seated or standing. 

UK Workbenches is a leading manufacturer of bespoke workstations for industrial applications. Contact our friendly team to discuss your requirements. 


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