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Choosing The Right Workbench For Your Business

  17/06/2022     Lee Burnham

When buying a Workbench, you should consider the types of workbench that are best for your company. Some of the features to consider when purchasing a new workbench are the work surface and storage space, ergonomics, and durability. 

You should also consider what type of workbenches will be used most frequently and whether the desk will need to be adjustable in height. You can also consider a custom workbench that incorporates a variety of features.

Medium Duty Workbenches

Industrial workbenches are often heavy and rugged. These are designed for prolonged use in a variety of industrial settings. Often, these benches are made of metal and steel and are usually adjustable. Some models feature stainless steel worktops and lockable cabinets. They are made to withstand the elements and provide years of service. They are also ideal for science rooms, laboratories, industrial premises, and workshops.

In addition to these two standard features, Medium duty workbenches also come with optional accessories. Whether you need a bench for your kitchen, bathroom, or workshop, you can customize the workbenches to meet your specific needs.

Heavy Duty Workbenches

If you have heavy-duty tasks to perform around your house or office, you may want to consider buying a heavy-duty workbench. These sturdy workstations are useful for a wide variety of jobs and are made of durable materials. You can buy one to meet your specific needs and budget, or you can choose a combination of different workbenches.

A heavy-duty workbench is a perfect stand for tools or small machines. Their rigid construction makes them resistant to hot objects and chemicals. The perfect bench for any work environment, whether it is manufacturing, construction, or laboratory, heavy-duty workbenches are the ideal furniture for the job. Whether you need to sit on a high-rise or an open-base style, industrial heavy-duty workbenches are versatile and highly durable.

Super-heavy Duty Workbenches 

Super heavy-duty workbenches have reinforced frames and have load volumes of two to four times the normal workbench's limit. This type of bench features thicker top and frame sections and can support up to 1,500kg without creaking. They are perfect for any workshop, whether you're working in an automotive repair shop, a woodworking workshop, or an engineering lab.

Stainless Steel Workbenches 

Commercial stainless steel workbenches are ideal for restaurants and other environments where food is prepared. This type of workbench is easy to clean and maintain, and bacteria will not be trapped in crevices. The surface also holds up to high temperatures, so hot foods can be placed directly on it without the risk of spoilage. Butcher shops also benefit from stainless steel workbenches, as they provide adequate workspace, yet maintain a room temperature when adding cold meats.

Anti Static (ESD) Workbenches 

If you are working with electronics, you need to be sure that your workspace is safe from static electricity. ESD workbenches are designed to eliminate static electricity and improve productivity. They also feature anti-static accessories that create a safe electrostatic discharge for your production lines.

ESD workbenches can be used in many different applications. You can use them for assembly, and repair tasks, as well as in R&D areas and warehouses. 

Mobile Workbenches

There are several benefits of mobile workbenches. Not only do they provide a mobile workspace, but some models also feature locking cabinets and drawers.

Mobile workbenches help you organize and store your tools and supplies. Many of them come with adjustable heights and storage drawers. Some even roll away for convenient portability. No matter what type of trade you're in, there's a mobile workbench out there for you. Whether you work in the garage, on the job site, or at home, these mobile workbenches are an invaluable asset.

Tool Trolley's

When you're working on a car, you rarely stay in one spot for long. If you're working in a small space, a chest or toolbox is not going to work so well. However, tool carts are extremely useful because they can hold the necessary tools you use most frequently. 

A tool trolley is a movable metal cabinet that's designed for storing and transporting tools. It features heavy-duty casters, which make it easy to roll it from one working area to another. Tool trolleys help you keep your workspace organised and tidy. 

You can purchase workbenches in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Some are more durable than others, and some are made of high-density material. If you need a larger workbench for multiple tasks, consider a custom L-shaped model. Its height, width, and length are ideal for a wide variety of tasks.

Here at UK workbenches, we are committed to supplying high-quality workbenches. Whether you need help choosing the right option or need a customised solution, we are happy to assist. Contact us today to get started. 

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