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  12/01/2021     Lee Burnham

Here at UK Workbenches, we design and manufacture quality commercial workbenches to the highest standards. All our workbenches are built in Britain by our in-house team of experienced workbench specialists. We have been making commercial workbenches for over 20 years and it comes as no surprise that our customers rely on us time and again for all their workbench needs. 

Here we share some essential information about commercial workbenches. 

What is Commercial Workbench? 

A commercial workbench is a sturdy table that’s used in a range of industries. They are purpose-built for certain industries to complete the job efficiently. A workbench could be built of wood or metal but metal workbenches are the most durable. Commercial workbenches are available in a range of options – medium duty, heavy-duty, super heavy-duty, adjustable and mobile workbenches are some popular options. 

What Jobs are Workbenches Suited for? 

The answer to this depends on the industry the workbench is used in. Usually, commercial workbenches are used for jobs that involve manual labour and even to store tools and equipment on louvres, drawers and shelves. 

Commercial workbenches offer excellent durability for industries that require a robust table to support the heavy equipment they use. 

Which Industries Use Commercial Workbenches? 

Workbenches are used in an array of industries including:

• Food – Stainless steel workbenches are important for the food industry. These are perfect for storing food and for food preparation. The food industry makes use of stainless steel workbenches for a reason – stainless steel is the most hygienic surface. What’s more, they are resistant to low and extreme temperatures, easy to clean and non-absorbent. 

• Educational – We build commercial workbenches for schools, colleges and universities for their laboratories, garages and engineering rooms. Our medium duty, heavy duty and super heavy duty ranges are often combined with accessories like lighting, drawers, shelves and louvres. 

• Automotive – Our commercial workbenches are suited for the automotive industry as they are extremely robust and can handle the heavy equipment that are typically used in garages. 

• Medical – We offer storage units and trolleys that are designed and manufactured especially for the medical industry. 

• Engineering – Whether you work in mechanical, chemical, motor vehicle, civil or aerospace engineering we have the ideal workbench for you. We offer heavy-duty and super heavy-duty commercial workbenches for the engineering sector.

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