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Considerations For Bespoke Workbenches

  29/10/2020     Lee Burnham

Nothing beats a workbench that meets your every need. Whether it’s the size of the worktop, the legs being so sturdy it doesn’t shake, or in-built drawers that let you keep all your most-used tools within hand’s reach, a workbench that melts into your life is the best friend you can have. It’s a workmate you can rely on.

Building your ultimate workbench is easy with UK Workbenches. It’s only a matter of choosing your size, duty and mobility. We sell fixed and mobile workbenches with a variety of tops, from stainless steel to anti-static laminate.

Here are some tips to build bespoke workbenches that meet your needs:


The duty you need will dictate the material of your top. Super heavy-duty workbenches are always made from stainless steel, for instance.

We sell medium-duty (ideal for everyday use), heavy-duty and super heavy duty workbenches. If you are buying for home use, unless you will be placing a heavy mechanical kit on it, you will be fine with a medium or heavy-duty workbench.


If the duty you require does not dictate the top material, then you have a choice of timber, laminate, anti-static laminate or stainless steel.

Timber is a multi-use material most suited to woodworking. Laminate and anti-static laminates are suited to electrical applications and engineering work. Stainless steel tops are suitable for heavy mechanical work.


The size of your workbench is perhaps the most important consideration because it dictates the kind of work you can undertake.

In general, we recommend sizing up if possible. This means choosing the biggest workbench you can. With great space comes the ability to get the job done. Measure your space before buying to see what your dimensions are.

Mobile or fixed

We sell fixed and mobile workbenches to suit your needs. Fixed workbenches are the best option if you plan to work in one place. Mobile workbenches are useful if you move around a lot, or as a secondary workbench to move equipment.

Most mobile workbenches can be used as fixed workbenches, but they are more expensive, so this is something to consider.


When building bespoke workbenches, pay attention to size and duty. If you need a special surface for your line of work, anti-static surfaces are best for electrical applications, while the timber is an all-purpose material suitable for most people.

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