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How Height Adjustable Mobile ESD Workbenches Work

  29/10/2020     Lee Burnham

Height adjustable mobile ESD workbenches are designed for electricians and engineers who need an ESD-protected surface to work on.

ESD-protected surfaces do not allow the release or transfer of static electricity when a charged object comes into contact with them. The antistatic surface prevents electronic components from damage in this way.

In general, ESD surfaces are a laminated surface on a timber core. This standard combination creates a durable and affordable workbench. Some ESD-safe surfaces are solid plastic, although these are less durable.


Not all people need a height-adjustable workbench, but most people agree that once you’ve had one you can never go back to a static one.

Height-adjustable workbenches give you the flexibility to sit or stand when you work and provide greater comfort because of this. If you have a bad back, or you are getting old, then height adjustability will make life easier.

There are a few different types of height adjustment. The cheapest workbenches have Allen key adjustment. You can also get workbenches with a manual hand crank, and on the premium end of the market, with an electric motor.

ESD + height adjustment

By combining the benefits of height adjustability with an ESD-safe worksurface, height adjustable mobile ESD workbenches make any electrical engineer’s life easier. You can also get them in a variety of sizes to suit your workshop.

We recommend sizing up if you can so you can accommodate larger jobs should they come in. It’s a good idea to size up your space and mark the floor up with chalk, so you can see the dimensions you have to work with before buying.

As mentioned before, ESD-safe workbenches tend to be laminated. Laminated surfaces are extremely durable and last a very long time. They do scratch, but the surface is resistant to other types of damage, including heat.

Choosing the right workbench for your line of work is important. The fact that ESD-safe surfaces are suitable for electronics and the fact you can get them with height adjustability means you can satisfy two areas of your workflow.

Be sure to browse our latest collection of ESD workbenches, which are also available with a variety of accessories like shelves, cabinets and lighting rails.

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