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How To Choose A Garage Workbench

  02/07/2020     Lee Burnham

A high-quality garage workbench will last you a decade or more. Some workbenches, such as those made from stainless steel, could last you a lifetime.

Here’s how to choose a garage workbench:

Workbench duty

There are medium-duty, heavy-duty and super heavy duty workbenches available which differ in thickness, weight, and heft. There are also anti-static workbenches available, tool trolleys and mobile benches to suit your needs.

Choosing between these is simple - if you do a lot of work, choose a heavy-duty or super heavy duty workbench. If you work with electrical equipment, choose an anti-static bench. If you need a portable bench, choose a tool trolley.

Worktop material

Garage workbenches are commonly sold with a timber or stainless steel worktop. The ‘worktop’ is where you will set down your tools and do your work, so it is essential it offers the durability and resilience you need.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the hardiest and easiest to maintain worktop material. It is heat resistant, non-porous, and extremely durable. The only downside is it scratches easily, but this doesn’t affect its functionality because scratches are surface scratches only.

Stainless steel workbenches are either solid stainless steel or a bonded stainless steel with a hardwood core. Both offer the same functionality. Make sure if you choose this material that it is galvanised steel to prevent corrosion.


Hardwood is a hardy and durable material for workbenches. It is nicer to work on than stainless steel because it’s warm and organic, however, it isn’t heat resistant and it is porous, so its uses are more limited. For general use, however, it’s ideal.

Hardwood is the timber we recommend for a workbench. Softwoods are nowhere near durable enough. A cheaper option is plywood; however, this will need replacing eventually and a hardwood surface has a lot more character.

Workbench size and style

You probably already have a good idea about what size of workbench you need based on the size of your garage and the type of work you will be doing.

Most garage workbenches are available in these common sizes:

·       1200 x 750 x 840mm (WxDxH)

·       1500 x 600 x 840mm (WxDxH)           

·       1500 x 900 x 840mm (WxDxH)

·       2000 x 600 x 840mm (WxDxH)

·       2000 x 750 x 840mm (WxDxH)  

·       2000 x 900 x 840mm (WxDxH)

These sizes should cover your needs.

With regards to garage workbench style, workbenches have a metal frame and legs, and these are available in a wide range of colours. You may have a theme in your garage, or you might want to match your workbench to your tools.

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