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How To Choose A Workbench For Your Birmingham Business

  29/09/2020     Lee Burnham

You might think of workbenches as nothing more than worktables that provide space to conduct work, but they are crucial to many businesses in Birmingham, and especially those in the trade and engineering and manufacturing sectors.

A good workbench is a good workmate. As any mechanic, electrician or tinkerer would tell you, the surface one works on is as important as the tools one works with. This is why those in the trade carefully choose their workbenches.

If you’re on the lookout for a new workbench, here are some tips on how to choose a workbench for your business in Birmingham:

Surface material

Workbenches come in three materials:

·       Wood - suitable for everything but heavy mechanical work. Less noisy than metal and warmer to the touch.

·       Metal - suitable for mechanical work and machinery work. Noisier than wood but you can use a protective mat to dampen the sound.

·       Laminate - normally reserved for ESD-safe applications. Suitable for general and electrical work. A good alternative to wood.

Workbench size

Workbenches come in a variety of common sizes. These include (W D H):

·       1200 x 750 x 840mm

·       1500 x 600 x 840mm 

·       1500 x 750 x 840mm

·       1500 x 900 x 840mm

·       2000 x 600 x 840mm

·       2000 x 750 x 840mm

We recommend sizing up if you have the space. This will ensure you have room to grow and take on larger jobs should they come up.

Static or adjustable

Most workbenches are static, meaning they are not height-adjustable. But you can also get height-adjustable workbenches. The benefit to a height-adjustable workbench is you can sit or stand while working and alternate between positions.

Height-adjustable workbenches are more expensive than static workbenches so if you don’t think you’d benefit from this feature, there will be no point. However, they do tend to make life easier for people with a bad back (or older people).

Bench accessories

We recommend adding a few accessories to your workbench. Most businesses will benefit from drawers or a cupboard underneath the workbench and shelves. You can also add a vice if you work with wood or mechanical components.

Things like shelves and drawers help to keep a workbench clear and tidy. Most businesses adapt their workbench over time. Most workbenches are modular, meaning you can chop and change them to suit your work.

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