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How To Choose A Workbench For Your London Workshop

  25/08/2020     Lee Burnham

Whether you are a cobbler or have a factory in London that specialises in CNC machining, having the right work surface is crucial for delivering a consistent product.

We craftsmen and tradespeople rely on our workbenches to perform at our best, so it makes sense that we place so much importance on the surfaces we work on every day. Your workbench must be durable, fit for purpose and comfortable.

Here are our tips to choose the right workbench for your London workshop:

Go height adjustable

A height-adjustable workbench lets you transition from a standing to a seated position. If you spend all day sitting or standing at your workbench, this will make your time at work a lot more comfortable and help you stay productive.

The adjustment mechanism is normally operated by Allen key, hand crank or via an electric motor. Electric models are the most expensive.

Choose your duty

London workbenches are available to suit medium, heavy and super heavy duty work.

Medium workbenches typically have a load capacity up to 500kg, while heavy-duty workbenches go from 600kg to 1,500kg typically. Super heavy-duty workbenches can go up to 2,000kg or more, so are suitable for heavy machinery.

Most workshops will be just fine with a medium-duty workbench, unless you are a mechanic, or work with machinery, in which case you should consider a heavy-duty or super heavy duty workbench for your London workshop.

Choose your material

Our workbenches in London are available with an MDF, laminate, anti-static laminate or galvanised steel top. MDF and laminate are materials normally reserved for medium-duty workbenches, with galvanized steel used for heavy-duty stuff. You can also get workbenches that have a solid timber core wrapped in steel.

Choose your size

The size of your workbench in London is just as important as the duty. You need to have a workspace that accommodates your daily work. For example, if you work on engines, then you will need a workbench that safely accommodates an engine.

The most common workbench sizes are as follows (W D H):

·       1200 x 750 x 840mm

·       1500 x 600 x 840mm 

·       1500 x 750 x 840mm

·       1500 x 900 x 840mm

·       2000 x 600 x 840mm

·       2000 x 750 x 840mm

·       2000 x 900 x 840mm

You can also get workbenches in increments of these sizes to suit your workshop, and we sell medium and heavy-duty workbenches in all these sizes.

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