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Industrial Worktables

  02/06/2021     Lee Burnham

An industrial worktable is a robust table that's used to carry out manual work. Industrial worktables can be as simple as a flat surface or extremely complex configurations. Available in an array of sizes, these worktables are typically rectangular in shape. 

High-quality industrial worktables boast strong supports to handle jobs involving heavy machinery and tools. Built to last, workbenches are a great way to boost safety and productivity at your industrial unit. These space-saving worktables are low on maintenance and can be easily upgraded with additional storage. 

Let's take a look at some of the common uses of industrial worktables.

Supporting tools 

One of the biggest functions of industrial workbenches is to support applications involving large tools. Industrial workbenches are used for assembly, finishing and component repair work. Heavy-duty industrial workbenches can handle a weight of 750kg and effortlessly support heavy equipment and tools.

Testing work 

All manufacturers frequently test their products to check the quality, performance and stability of their products. These important tests must be performed away from the production facility at specially designed worktables. Whether you are testing electronics or heavy equipment, a sturdy worktable can make the task effortless, seamless and efficient.

Assembly work

Assembly worktables must be designed to perfectly blend with the flow of production. Most of the time, they must be custom designed. In fact, our super heavy-duty workbenches are a great option. An important aspect to consider for assembly worktables is the comfort of your staff. 

Ergonomic configurations ensure that your employees are comfortable, maintaining the flow of production. You can add shelving and drawers to your assembly worktable to ensure easy access to components and parts. 

Laboratory work

Laboratory work is all about precision and careful handling. Therefore, laboratory work requires a worktable that's designed to maintain proper conditions to carry out experiments. Steel workbenches make for the perfect addition in such environments. 

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