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Laminate Top Workbenches

  22/12/2020     Lee Burnham

A quality workbench offers a sturdy, safe and efficient workspace. Although all workbenches offer a surface, some are perfectly suited for specific laboratory & cleanroom tasks compared to others. Some questions you must be asking when choosing a workbench are: where will the bench fit in my laboratory? What’s my budget? What will I be using the bench for? 

In this buying guide, we take a look at some important elements to consider when buying laminate top workbenches for your lab. 

Countertop Material 

The countertop of your bench is where most of the action happens. There’s a whole range of options when it comes to workbench tops. 

• ESD Laminate – ESD laminate top workbenches feature a unique conductive layer that diffuses electricity from the work surface to safeguard electronics and other static-sensitive equipment from electric charges. 

• Laminate – Laminate is an extremely durable, impact- and wear-resistant material and is ideal for use in the laboratory. 

• Stainless Steel – Stainless steel tops are very easy to maintain and aesthetically appealing too. Stainless steel offers excellent resistance to corrosion, rust and heat. Moreover, it’s non-porous too. 

Stability and Longevity 

Excellent stability must be a priority irrespective of the type of laminate top workbenches you are looking to buy. 

Industrial and laboratory workspaces often endure projects that demand high levels of precision. So you need a bench that can accommodate this effortlessly. 

This means you should buy a bench that’s steady and won’t shake no matter how much load or pressure you put it through. Always opt for workbenches that are fully welded. Fully welded benches are built to last and ensure complete stability. 

Storage and Accessories 

Lab work involves using several tools and equipment. When you want to make the most of your workbench, you must be able to store the tools you need for different projects. 

Your workbench should be able to accommodate accessories such as louvres and support bars, cupboards, drawers and shelving. 

If you plan to use a lot of electrical tools on your workbench, ensure there’s a way to add a convenient source of power. The same holds true for lighting. 

Choose the Right Laminate Top Workbenches in the UK

If this is the first time you are buying workbenches for your lab, we recommend getting help and let a professional assist you. 

UK Workbenches is a leading manufacturer of laminate top workbenches. We assure you of fast turnaround time, customer service and prompt communication. 

Order your workbench online or contact us for a free consultation! 

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