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Medium-Duty Workbenches

  22/12/2020     Lee Burnham

Medium duty workbenches are an essential addition to your industrial unit. It has a direct impact on the productivity of your space; it not only provides crucial storage space but also offers protection against harsh chemicals. 

When it comes to a commercial setting where productivity means everything, the design of your industrial workbench affects the workflow and efficiency to a great extent. 

When choosing workbenches for your production area, keep these things in mind to boost productivity. 

Storage Space is Crucial 

Inadequate storage space can result in a cluttered workspace, prohibiting easy access to the equipment and tools they need to be productive. 

At the same time, it’s important to ensure you are not taking up a lot of expensive space, which could happen when you are looking to add furniture to correct storage issues. 

You can customise your medium-duty workbenches to suit your storage requirements by adding storage options without taking up any further space. Here are some excellent space-saving options you can add to your workbench:

• Shelving that can be installed above or below the work surface. 

• Drawer units that are available in a range of sizes and configurations, from single drawer units through to 5 drawer units.

• Upper storage cabinets featuring flipper doors. 

• Support bars and tool panels to store small parts that can easily get lost if not stored correctly. 

Choose the Right Countertop 

Countertop of a workbench is also an important consideration when you want to boost productivity. 

In the absence of the right countertop, your workbench will be nothing more than an office desk. And that won’t be an ideal choice for your industrial setting given the use of abrasives, chemicals, moisture and heat. 

Even if your industrial work does not involve the use of harsh chemicals, should your needs change in the future as your business grows, you might want to avoid the possibility of replacing the countertop on all your workbenches. 

Our medium-duty workbenches are available in a range of countertop choices including galvanised steel, MDF and laminate. 

Customisation is Important 

Customisation options for your workbench can ensure you are getting the best workbenches that will improve productivity. 

Be sure to work with a workbench manufacturer that can offer customisation in terms of size, material, accessories and more. If you are looking to add or upgrade the workbenches in your company, explore our range of medium duty workbenches. 

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