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Specially Designed Automotive Workbenches

  02/06/2021     Lee Burnham

The automotive industry is one of the first sectors that UK Workbenches worked with. Over the years, we have supplied a wide range of workbenches and trolleys to dealerships, garage owners and repair outlets across the UK. If you are moving premises or looking for a refit and need a trolley or workbench, UK Workbenches have you covered. 

Medium-duty automotive workbenches

Our medium-duty workbenches are available in an array of sizes and can be customised with a variety of accessories. Choose from laminate, galvanised stainless steel and MDF tops to suit your needs. These sturdy workbenches can support a weight load of up to 500kg, making them an excellent choice for light assembly work and repairs in your workshop or garage. 

Heavy-duty automotive workbenches

Our medium-duty workbenches are available in hardwood and galvanised steel top options. Made using 50x50x5mm mild steel angle iron, these workbenches have plated feet to ensure they stay secured to the floor. With a uniform distributed load (UDL) capacity of up to 1000kg, these workbenches are fully welded and supplied with a bottom shelf. These workbenches are ideal for projects that demand extra strength. 

Super heavy-duty automotive workbenches 

These are the most robust workbenches from our range. Made from 50x50x5mm mild steel angle iron, these are fully welded and are ready to use. The top is made of 44mm thick hardwood that's encased in 2mm galvanised steel. This workbench can effortlessly take a UDL of 1500kg. 

Our super heavy-duty workbenches are ideal for changing tyres, testing batteries and storing welding equipment, toolboxes, etc. Offering ample storage underneath including a bottom shelf and a cupboard, these tools are perfect for any automotive workshop. 

Why choose our automotive workbenches

• Wide range of worktops and sizes to choose from 

• High-quality materials

• Manufactured in the UK

• Available in a wide range of combinations and sizes

• Can be customised to suit your specifications 

• Upgrade your workbench with a wide range of accessories and storage options

• Extremely durable workbenches

• Ergonomic design

Need help choosing the right automotive workbench for your workplace? Talk to our friendly team today!

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