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Stainless Steel Tables

  12/01/2021     Lee Burnham

Workbenches are an excellent investment not only for contractors and tradespersons. A stainless steel table is a practical purchase for an array of work environments. In this post, we explore the top uses for stainless steel tables. 

Tool Storage

Stainless steel tables are an excellent option for storing tools. By adding accessories such as drawers and louvres, you can conveniently store tools and equipment such as tape measures, handheld tools and screws. 

By ensuring that your most-used tools are easily accessible in a workbench, you can ensure projects move quickly and seamlessly. Moreover, it’s far easier to find the tool you are searching for by stowing it in the workbench rather than rummaging through shelves and toolboxes. 

Meat Packing 

Stainless steel tables are a perfect addition to butcher shops and other food distributors. The surface offers ample space to sort and pack meat and other foods. Typically, stainless steel retains room temperature even when you add cold meat to the surface. 

Moreover, a stainless steel table is non-porous, which means it is incapable of harbouring bacteria from uncooked foods. It also offers a smooth surface ensuring uncooked food remnants do not collect in crevices on the table. 

Restaurant Preparation 

A stainless steel table is an ideal addition to a restaurant. It offers a robust work surface that’s easy to clean and difficult to damage. What’s more, stainless steel is waterproof, which makes it resistant to spills and other accidents. 

That’s not all! Stainless steel can handle very high temperatures. It is fire and heat resistant, which means you can even place hot foods directly on the surface of the table without worrying about damaging it. This way you can end up saving space in the oven/stove. 

Medical Office 

Hospitals and medical offices often make use of stainless steel tables. A stainless steel surface can be easily sterilised using superheated steam, making their upkeep easy and effortless. 

No matter your medical professional, a stainless steel table is an important addition to your consulting room or operating theatre. 


Stainless steel workbenches also boast a sleek, modern look. They are easy to clean and are aesthetically appealing too. Stainless steel tables can be used in a variety of office settings and make for an excellent addition to your workplace. 

If you are looking to buy high-quality stainless steel tables in the UK, look no further. Our workbenches are built to last and manufactured in Britain to the highest standards. 

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