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The Best Workbench Accessories For Your Workbench

  29/10/2020     Lee Burnham

There’s no better workmate than a good workbench. Not only do you tinker and conduct work at your workbench, you probably eat at it too. This makes it doubly important for it to provide all the space and practicality you need.

You can go about making your workbench great by adding accessories to it. Things like drawers and shelves are popular accessories because they help to keep the work area tidy, but they aren’t the only things you can add.

Here are the best workbench accessories to consider:


Even if you don’t work with wood, vices are incredibly useful because they can hold anything. Temporary vices secure to your workbench by clamping onto it, while fixed vices screw into your workbench (which needs to be timber).


Shelves need no explanation. You can store plastic trays on them to hold components or place folders and hand tools on them. They add real estate to your workbench, allowing you to keep more things within arm’s reach.


Drawers can be lockable or have no lock. You can get drawers that sit beside your workbench or drawers that live beneath it. Just remember that drawers stored beneath a workbench reduce the amount of legroom.


Cupboards are great for storing a PC or laptop. You can also store folders and files in there no problem. The only thing to keep in mind is the dimensions of the cupboard. You want a cupboard that gives you plenty of room to grow.

Louvre panels

Louvre panels hold plastic storage bins which you can use to hold things like nuts, bolts and other parts. By attaching louvre panels to your workbench (normally behind it), you will be able to keep important things within arm’s reach.

Lighting rails

Lighting rails are incredibly useful whether you work at night or not. They can lighten up dark workspaces and assist with all kinds of work, from metal polishing to correcting paint. We recommend everyone has a lighting rail.


Most people will need shelves and drawers for storage at a minimum. A vice is useful but only essential for woodwork or if you need to clamp things. The most useful accessory is a lighting rail because it extends the amount of time you can work.

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