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What Are Super Heavy Duty Workbenches?

  15/07/2020     Lee Burnham

Super heavy-duty workbenches are reinforced workbenches. They typically have load volumes ranging from 1,000kg to over 2,500kg.

The typical light workbench is rated for a load of 100kg to 150kg. If you step up to a medium-duty workbench, it will be rated for around 300kg. Heavy-duty workbenches will normally be rated up to 600kg.

Super-heavy duty workbenches are much more capable. They can have two to four times the weight limit of a heavy-duty workbench.

The reason for this significant weight advantage is that super heavy duty workbenches have a much thicker top and a thicker frame.

For example, a super-heavy duty workbench might have a 44mm thick hardwood top encased in 2mm galvanized steel. Coupled with a welded mild steel frame, this bench would easily take up to 1,500kg without making a creak.

A heavy-duty workbench, meanwhile, might only have a 35mm wood top or a 2mm galvanized steel top with no hardwood core.

This makes a significant difference to its ability to bear weight.

Another important aspect to a super heavy duty workbench is its sturdiness. While a hardwood top coated in galvanized steel won’t bend or break under strain, it is only usable if the frame it is on is equally up to the job.

The frames on super heavy-duty workbenches are extremely robust. The workbenches we sell have fully welded frames made from mild steel angle iron. This is the strongest metal in the business. You can also secure the feet to the floor.

Use cases for super heavy-duty workbenches

Super heavy-duty workbenches are suitable for mechanical work, metalwork, ironmongery, and engineering applications that demand strength.

They are also suitable for any workshop because they are no larger than a standard workbench. There are a variety of common sizes to choose from, including 1,200 x 600 x 840 mm (WDH) and 1,500mm and 2,000mm widths.

The super heavy-duty workbenches we sell are also available in a variety of colours. We use the RAL colour chart including RAL 7035 light grey, RAL 7001 silver grey, RAL 7031 blue-grey, RAL 3020 traffic red, RAL 1003 signal yellow and RAL 9003 signal white.

Overall, if you need an extremely robust workbench, then a super heavy duty workbench is what you want. The only things to make sure of before buying are that the workbench is rated for the load you need and has the dimensions you need.

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