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What To Look For In Heavy Duty Workbenches

  15/07/2020     Lee Burnham

Not all workbenches are created equal. For heavy-duty work, you need a robust and resilient workbench that won’t give up when the going gets tough.

Heavy-duty workbenches are useful for more than just work as well. They can serve as a handy platform to keep things off the ground and they can also protect equipment in the unfortunate event of a flood or leak in a garage or basement.

A good workbench will last for several decades and will probably never need replacing unless you need a larger workspace at some point. The workbenches we sell have a quality guarantee and we use them in our own workshops.

Here’s what to look for in your next heavy-duty workbench:


Robustness is the most important feature for heavy-duty workbenches. We can define a robust work surface as one that you can rely on to withstand what you throw at it. Whether you are an electrical engineer or part-time mechanic, this means the workbench needs to be strong and made to last with quality materials.

Weight capacity

If you work with iron and heavy mechanical objects, you will need a workbench that can take a lot of weight. Heavy-duty workbenches are usually rated for 100kg to 300kg, depending on what they are made from. Metal framed workbenches are the strongest, so look out for these if you need a high weight capacity.


Heavy-duty workbenches can be made from all metal, timber and metal, or all timber. Your choice will probably be swayed by what you prefer to work on. Metal workbenches are the most utilitarian, while the timber is more traditional. Both are good choices. Hardwood tops are the best choice if you want to work on wood.

Extra features

It’s useful for a heavy-duty workbench to have plated feet so it can be secured to the floor. It’s also useful to have more than one platform (a top platform for working, and a second one for storing tools and materials during jobs). You might also like to consider the colour of the legs and frame if you have a colour scheme going on.  

Extra fittings

It’s also important to consider how you will use your heavy-duty workbench. We sell a variety of extra fittings including shelves, support bars, drawer units, cupboards, light fittings, louvres, vices and socket units. These can be built into or around your workbench to enhance your workspace and make your life at work easier.

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