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Why You Should Choose An Industrial Workbench Manufacturer Or Your Workbench, NOT A Retailer

  29/10/2020     Lee Burnham

Just like chocolate bars and cordless vacuums, not all workbenches are created equal. Perhaps this is even truer of workbenches, which must be sturdy, durable and comfortable to serve their practical purpose as a work surface.

In your hunt for a new industrial workbench, you’ll find products being sold by two main kinds of retailer: commerce stores like Amazon, whose products in this category originate from anywhere, and industrial workbench manufacturers, who make their workbenches in-house -- welding, sanding, construction and all.

Which is best? You can definitely get cheaper products from retailers who sell workbenches made abroad. But that doesn’t mean they are the best.

Choosing an industrial workbench manufacturer

The great thing about industrial workbench manufacturers based here is they are British businesses, so buying from them supports the local economy and helps the manufacturer make ends meet. Buying from a retailer whose workbenches are made abroad doesn’t help out the local manufacturing industry in any way.


From a quality perspective, any workbench that is made in a workshop by hand (including welding and creating the hard top) will be high quality. This is the result of a skilled person making your workbench for you.


Imagine how difficult it would be to return a workbench to an online retailer or get the workbench fixed if something were wrong. By buying your workbench from a manufacturer, you will receive a better standard of service.


Industrial workbench manufacturers specialise in making workbenches, so they tend to offer anti-static, laminated, galvanized steel and MDF tops as standard. You can choose a top that suits your line of work in virtually any size.

Custom specification

You can buy workbenches online in a wide range of sizes, but if you need something in particular, you’re out of luck. Buying from an industrial workbench manufacturer gives you the opportunity to order in a custom specification.


It’s good to support skilled craftspeople and manufacturers. Workbench makers like us offer high-quality workbenches to suit any line of work. Some retailers may be cheaper on paper, but they by no means offer the better products.

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