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  12/01/2021     Lee Burnham

Whether you are a woodworker, an electrician or a repairman at an automotive garage, workbenches can sometimes get messy. However, there’s a world of difference between clutter and chaos. Investing in the right workbench accessories can help keep the clutter away and your workbench organised. Here are some of our top recommendations: 

Louvre Panels

Not all facilities have unlimited space. That’s where louvre panels come in handy. By setting up louvre panels with support bars, you can hang and store tools on the board while having them within easy reach. 

A louvre can hold bins, adjustable hooks and magnetic sheets for tools of all sizes, from stray nuts and bolts to power saws. With a louvre panel handy, there’s a place for everything and everything stays in its place. 

By using space in a smart manner, you can not only work efficiently but safely as well. Your employees don’t have to pause a project to search for the right size nail. What’s more, by ensuring tools are not left unattended, you can reduce the probability of accidents. 

Drawer Units and Cupboards

When it comes to organising your tools and equipment, it’s important to make use of the available space. You can do that effectively by adding drawers and cupboards to your workbenches. 

The more storage you add, the easier it becomes to keep everything organised. Use drawer units to store small tools and cupboards for creating practical space for other things. 

Add upper and lower shelves to add more storage space to your workbenches. 


Lighting and electrical points are an important addition to your workbenches. Every workbench may need a lighting source, which can brighten up the work area and improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees. 

We offer lighting rails, light fittings, bench electrical and socket units to help not only with lighting but also add a power supply to your workbenches. 

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