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Workbenches For Logistics

  08/07/2022     Lee Burnham

A well-designed workbench is at the heart of a logistics warehouse. The manual pack-out station, for instance, is usually an afterthought where optimal material flow is concerned. However, by configuring the equipment to meet the requirements of your staff and combining automation, productivity can see a marked improvement at a logistics warehouse. 

When you want to create a process that’s efficient, fast and ergonomic at the same time, it’s important to think beyond equipment. It involves giving thought to the process and the steps involved, due consideration to the different packages that will be handled and the physical reach and height differences in the team.

Here are some aspects to consider when designing workstations for the logistics industry:

The Process Flow

Before you design your workbenches for logistics, it’s important to consider the layout keeping in mind the operator ergonomics. This will help avoid strain and injury whilst speeding up the packing process. 

Look at how the operators are moving. Are frequently are they reaching, turning or grabbing for materials, equipment or packages? What can you do to minimise those movements or make them move efficient? 

For good ergonomics, the operators must be in a “neutral” position. It begins with good positioning vis a vis the height of the workbench. Height adjustable workbenches can make a great difference in such instances. 

Material Placement

Another important area that affects ergonomics is where the materials – bags, corrugate, labels, tape and devices such as bar code printers – are stored. All frequently used materials used could be placed at a distance of no more than 14 inches from the operator. 

By limiting repetitive motions such as reaching under the workbench, you can reduce the strain and stress on the operators. You can achieve this by installing shelving and storage options on your workbenches for logistics. 

At UK Workbenches, we offer a wide range of storage accessories such as support bars, louvres, cupboards and drawer units.

Operator Comfort

Packing stations are extremely reliant on people, so it’s important to create workbenches for logistics while being focused on operator comfort. Equipment and devices such as bar code printers and flat-screen monitors must be at an easily reachable and adjustable distance for the operator. Lighting is also another important factor. You can also look for ways to reduce the need for lifting heavy items. 

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