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  29/10/2020     Lee Burnham

Perhaps the most important consideration in school, college and university classrooms is health and safety. Learning environments have to be safe for students and teachers to learn and do things, no matter the subject.

Science labs, design and technology rooms and engineering workshops are among the most hazardous places to learn, due to an unfamiliarity with equipment and students buzzing around. There’s no hard and fast way to guarantee safe learning in these environments, but there are ways to make them as safe as possible.

One of these ways is choosing fit-for-purpose workbenches.

Workbenches for schools, colleges and universities

It might surprise you to learn that not all workbenches are multi-purpose. Some workbenches are safer than others for different kinds of work. For instance, woodworking is safer on a laminate or timber surface than a metal one, and in the same way, anti-static surfaces are better for electrical applications.

Choosing the right kind of workbench is a matter of assessing the learning environment and choosing the right worktop material.


This is a good choice for woodworking and electrical applications because wood is naturally anti-static. It doesn’t scratch, but it does mark. A high-quality timber workbench lasts years and it can be sanded down to refinish it every term.


Laminated tops are ideal for general use. They are strong and sturdy and impervious to chemicals, greases and oils. Most classroom desks have a laminate surface. Workbenches with a laminate surface can be used in most lessons.

Galvanized steel

Galvanized steel (stainless) is an exceptionally hard and durable material. It scratches, but it doesn’t dent or mark easily. It’s the most sterile of all surfaces, so it’s the best choice in labs and science departments. It’s also suitable for engineering.

Electric applications

If your students will be working with electronics, we recommend an ESD-safe laminated top or a wooden top. ESD-safe laminates are the best choice, but if wood suits another kind of work in the same classroom, you can choose wood instead.

We sell a wide variety of workbenches for schools, colleges and universities, with accessories like vices, drawers and shelves to go with them. Check out our collection and feel free to get in touch if you need any help choosing.

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