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Workbenches For The Educational Sector

  12/01/2021     Lee Burnham

Workbenches for the educational sector have been in use for decades across the UK. Here at UK Workbenches, we offer a wide range of workbenches for use in schools, colleges, universities and training centres. 

Our wide variety of workbenches, trolleys and tables have been designed with the education sector in mind. From heavy-duty workbenches designed for textiles and design technology to light and medium duty variants that are ideal for arts, science and ICT departments, we offer the complete range of workbenches for the educational sector.

Choosing the Right Workbench

So it’s important to consider your specific requirements when choosing a workbench for your educational institution. The workbench you choose will depend on the application – whether it will be used in the electrical department, arts department, science department, engineering department, mechanical department or any other. 

If you are looking for workbenches for the food technology department, we also offer stainless steel variants that meet food standards regulations. UK Workbenches also offer an array of accessories to add-on to your workbench such as drawers, electrical and lighting fixtures, louvres and more. 

All our educational workbenches are built in the UK to the highest standards. They are hand-built using quality materials and are a good investment. When you are looking for workbenches that will stand the test of time, look no further than our range of workbenches for the educational sector. 

Most Popular Educational Workbenches

• Heavy Duty Workbenches – Most of the orders from educational institutions have been for our heavy-duty workbenches, which take a load volume of up to 1000kgs. These workbenches are offered in wood and galvanised steel countertop options. 

• Medium Duty Workbenches – These are the second most popular workbenches, which can take up to 500kg UDL. Worktop options include galvanised steel, MDF and laminate. 

• Super Heavy Duty Workbenches – This is the second most popular choice in the educational sector. Built for a uniformly distributed load (UDL) of up to 1500kgs and featuring a 2mm galvanised steel worktop, these workhorse of workbenches are the best out there.

Buy Workbenches Online from UK Workbenches

If you are a school, college, university or training centre looking for quality workbenches in the UK, look no further. Whether you are moving to new premises or extending your facilities, if your educational institution needs quality workbenches, think of UK Workbenches. We are the UK’s trusted manufacturers with many years of experience building workbenches for the educational sector. 

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