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  23/03/2021     Lee Burnham

Workbenches are a great addition to a wide range of industries. A workbench is a versatile product that serves several market sectors effortlessly. Here at UK Workbenches, we have supplied our workbenches to industries across Sheffield and the UK. In this post, we take a look at some of the sectors where workbenches are extremely useful. 

Workbenches for the Packing Sector

Our workbenches are supplied to several packing workshops and warehouses across Sheffield. These workbenches are completely welded and are ready for use right out of the box. Choose from our medium-duty workbenches, heavy-duty workbenches or super heavy-duty workbenches for the packing industry. 

Fit the workbench with drawers, cupboards and shelves for storing packing materials. Additional accessories include louvres, electrical panels, lighting rails, support bars, vices and more. 

Workbenches for the Food Sector

Our steel workbenches are a top choice in the food industry across Sheffield. Steel is an extremely hygienic metal that’s easy to clean and does not rust easily. What is more, steel is extremely resistant to heat and is an extremely durable material. All of these features work together to make our steel workbenches a natural choice for the food sector where hygiene and safety are very important. 

Workbenches for the Engineering Sector

The engineering industry is one of the top sectors we supply our workbenches to. Engineers across Sheffield rely on our workbenches for their effectiveness and versatility. They are durable and strong and can take a weight of up to 1500kg. Our workbenches can be upgraded with a wide variety of accessories to suit your operations.

Workbenches for the Medical Sector

Healthcare facilities across Sheffield rely on our stainless steel workbenches. At UK Workbenches, we manufacture a wide range of workbenches, storage cabinets and trolleys for the medical sector in Sheffield. 

Workbenches for the Automotive Sector

The automotive industry is one of our biggest clients. We have been supplying our robust workbenches to this industry since our inception. We supply our workbenches to repair outlets, garages and dealerships across Sheffield. Our tool trolleys are another popular product in the automotive industry. 

Buy Quality Workbenches in Sheffield

If you are searching for high-quality workbenches for your business, look no further. At UK Workbenches, we have worked with various industries and delivered customised solutions to meet the needs and specifications of our clients. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. 


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