Five Things To Consider With Garage Workbenches

Not all garage workbenches are created equal. While some are perfect for woodworking, others are perfect for building transmissions. In any case, there are only a few things you need to consider to buy the perfect workbench.

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Workbench top

Most garages are best served by an MDF or hardwood workbench, with these tops suitable for woodworking, electrical work and tinkering.

If you mostly work with heavy items like engines and with oils, greases, lubricants, and solvents, then a steel top will be better fit your lifestyle.

Laminate tops are another option if you need a multi-use surface, and you can get ESD-safe, anti-static laminate workbenches for electronics work.

2. Workbench duty

The duty of a workbench refers to its load rating. Generally, medium-duty workbenches have a 500kg load capacity, jumping to 800-1,000kg for heavy-duty and 1,500kg for super-heavy duty. Most garages only need a medium-duty workbench.

When you jump to heavy and super-heavy duty, most workbenches have a galvanized steel top or hardwood top, although wood tops are thicker.

3. Workbench height

Height plays the biggest role in how comfortable your garage workbench is to use. The last thing you want is backache and neck strain!

A workbench height of 34″ – 36″ (86cm – 91cm) is best in garages and suitable for most people. You can also get adjustable garage workbenches; the cheapest have Allen key adjustment. You can also get workbenches with a manual hand crank, and on the premium end of the market, with an electric motor.

4. Light fittings

Your garage will already have some lighting, but you shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of in-built light fittings on your garage workbench.

A light fitting positioned directly above your garage workbench will illuminate your bench and help you safely perform work. You could use an overhanging ceiling or floor light, but it is cleaner and simpler to incorporate lighting into the bench.

Light fittings are installed on a rail bracket attached to the back of the workbench, where you can also add shelves and louvre panels.

5. Shelves and louvre panels

Shelves and louvres are essential add-ons to garage workbenches, especially when you have lots of parts, tools, and bits and bats.

The great thing about shelves and louvre panels is they are fitted to the same rear bracket as lighting rails, letting you create a clean and seamless garage workbench. Louvre panels let you hang linbins - a perfect storage solution for small spaces.

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