Everything You Need To Know About Metal Workbenches

Metal workbenches are one of our most popular products because they are versatile, durable, and of excellent value.

Aside from electronics, metal workbenches are perfect for most jobs, and they come in a wide range of specifications. You can build engines on steel workbenches and prepare food on stainless steel workbenches; such is their versatility!

This article covers everything you need to know about metal workbenches to help you choose the right workbench for your needs.

Galvanised steel workbenches

Galvanised steel workbenches are rated medium, heavy, and super-heavy duty:

  • Medium-duty – rated for loads up to 500kg
  • Heavy-duty – rated for loads up to 1,000kg
  • Super heavy-duty – rated for loads up to 1,500kg

Our metal workbenches are made from a solid timber core wrapped in steel. The type and thickness of the steel vary from 1.5mm mild steel in our medium-duty workbenches to 2mm galvanised steel in our heavy-duty products.

The solid timber core gives the workbench a solid foundation, while the metal provides unbeatable durability and longevity.

We recommend these workbenches for industrial, professional, and DIY applications. A higher duty supports more weight, but it also makes the workbench heavier, so it’s important to strike the right balance.

Stainless steel workbenches

Stainless steel workbenches are made from solid stainless steel and are mostly used in the food processing and manufacturing industries. This is the best workbench for hygienic and sterile environments because it is easy to sanitise.

Our stainless steel workbenches are made from 30x30x1.5 square stainless tubes and come complete with a brushed stainless top.

We can also attach a single drawer unit under the stainless steel bench, giving you a place to put tools, apparatus and documents.

Stainless steel workbenches are also suitable for general use, and you can do engineering work on them, providing you use a mat.

Metal mobile workbenches

Metal mobile workbenches are regular workbenches on caster wheels, letting you move them around easily. We offer a five-drawer unit with a cupboard or a single cupboard unit suitable for storing larger items like cleaning products.

Our mobile workbenches are made from 50x50x5mm mild steel angle iron and come with a 2mm thick galvanised steel top. We offer 1.2mtr and 1.5mtr lengths and 600mm or 750mm depths, making them perfect for smaller spaces.

You should choose a mobile workbench if you need to hop between rooms or spaces. When in position, simply lock the wheels in place to keep them steady.

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