Workbenches With Drawers – Top Tips For Choosing The Right Setup

Choosing the right workbench isn't difficult, but a little planning goes a long way to making sure things go perfect with storage space.

The simple rule with workbenches is you can never have enough drawers, but you also need to factor in space under the bench. This article reveals our top tips for choosing the right setup for workbenches with drawers.

Specify the right top material

Galvanised steel is the best workbench material for heavy-duty metalwork, oils, greases, lubricants, and mechanics. For woodworking, you want a hardwood, laminate or MDF top, and a wooden or ESD-safe laminate top for electronics.

Size things up and look for ways to increase the work surface area

When it comes to workbenches, space matters more than anything. Get as big a workbench as you can to fit into your space, measuring the desk's depth, width, and length. We offer a variety of sizes to suit most spaces.

Are you right or left-handed?

If you only need one cupboard or drawer stack under your workbench, positioning it to match whether you are right or left-handed will make things easier (if you're ambidextrous, feel free to position it on any side you like).

Consider different drawer types

We offer drawers in several configurations, including two to eight-drawer stacks, single drawer units, deep extended drawers and cupboard drawers. You can mix and match these on your workbench's right or left side.

Think about space under the workbench

If you sit at your workbench, beware that a narrow workbench may not have enough space underneath with both a left and right-hand drawer unit. If you need more space, it's best to select a one-sided drawer unit only.

Do you need a locking door?

Choose a lockable cupboard drawer if you intend to store dangerous chemicals, valuables, confidential documents, and other important things in your drawers. This will keep things out of reach of people using your workshop.

Add more storage with a louvre

A louvre panel will free up space in your drawers by moving smaller parts like electronic components, bolts, screws, and other objects to the louvre panel. You can attach pick bins to the louvre to safely organise and store all your parts.

Add shelves to unlock even more space

You can configure your workbench with shelves that attach to the workbench’s rear frame. These will give you optimal access to instruction manuals, folders, paperwork, and any small boxes containing the parts you need.

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