Workbenches With Storage – The Best Storage Options To Consider

Storage is an essential consideration for your workbench so that everything you need is within arm’s reach. The right storage solutions make working on things easier and free up space in the workshop.

It is easier to specify workbenches with storage solutions when you order than to add storage after ordering. It’s also cheaper and ensures that the storage solutions are designed for the bench to improve functionality.

Here’s a rundown of the best storage options to consider:

Cupboards and cupboard drawers

Cupboards are installed floating as a left or right unit underneath the workbench, leaving space in the middle for a chair. Cupboards are best for large items, while cupboard drawers are best for organising lots of smaller items.

After ordering, you could add a free-standing cupboard, but this will take up more floor space and not fit as good.

Drawer units

If you’re not bothered about cupboard doors, you can add drawer units instead. We offer these with two to five drawers, or you can specify a single drawer or deep extended drawer for long and awkwardly shaped items.

Like our cupboards, our drawer units float attached to the workbench frame, keeping space under the workbench for your feet.


We offer upper and lower shelves with our workbenches. Upper shelves are located on the support bar attached to the rear of the bench above space for a louvre panel, or you can get a lower shelf in place of the louvre panel.

Your workshop probably already has shelving, but shelves attached to a workbench make an enormous difference for keeping things tidy.

Louvre panel

We offer louvre panels in 1,200mm, 1,500mm and 2,000mm. Louvre panels are used for pick bins, which are used to store screws, bolts and other parts. They are the best way to keep lots of parts organised.

The louvre panel sits against the rear support bracket below an upper shelf. You can also add a light fitting to make seeing things easier.

Summing up

Adding more storage options to your workbench will free up space elsewhere in your workshop and make finding things easier.

Most people will benefit from a left or right cupboard and a louvre panel. We also offer benchtop electricals if you need in-built sockets - just add them to the configurator. Feel free to contact us for advice if you need help choosing.

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